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Background and Motivation

The application of data analysis techniques over large data collections provides great benefits, from the personal, to the business, research, and social domain. The availability of large data collections recording actions and choices of individuals and organisations can lead to great improvement in the understanding of how the world operates. The continuous evolution of ICT is enabling the realisation of such vision at a fast pace, supporting the realisation of architectures enabling collaborative data sharing and analytics. A clear obstacle towards the realisation of such potential and vision is represented by security and privacy concerns. Indeed, the (actual or perceived) loss of control over data and potential compromise of their confidentiality can have a strong detrimental impact on the realisation of an open framework for enabling the sharing of data from multiple independent data owners.

The Vision of MOSAICrOWN

MOSAICrOWN aims to enable data sharing and collaborative analytics in multi-owner scenarios in a privacy-preserving way, ensuring proper protection of private/sensitive/confidential information. MOSAICrOWN will provide effective and deployable solutions allowing data owners to maintain control on the data sharing process, enabling selective and sanitized disclosure providing for efficient and scalable privacy-aware collaborative computations.

This goal will be achieved by providing: i) a data governance framework able to capture and combine the protection requirements that can be possibly specified by multiple parties, who have a say over the data, to empower them with more control over such data; ii) effective and efficient protection techniques that can be integrated in current technologies and that enforce protection while enabling efficient and scalable data sharing and processing.

MOSAICrOWN's enriched data market