Work packages

  • WP1: Ethics requirements
    This work package sets out the ethics requirements that the project must comply with.
  • WP2: Requirements
    This work package coordinates the Use Cases considered in the project, providing requirements, deployment and validation of MOSAICrOWN solutions, and enabling direct exploitation by the industrial partners.
  • WP3: Data governance framework
    This work package is responsible for defining the data governance framework for the management of data in collaborative data platforms. This includes concertation of the variety of available tools, a policy model and accompanying language, enabling owners to comply effectively with the requirements identified in WP2 and to share data with confidence and control in data value chains.
  • WP4: Data wrapping
    This work package is responsible for designing a set of techniques able to efficiently support the protection requirements expressed by the policy produced in WP3. This work will lead to the realisation of a platform for the protection of personal/sensitive/confidential information in domains involving multiple data owners. The developed techniques will guarantee processing and sharing of data, adopting a variety of approaches: encryption, hashing, tokenization. Attention will be paid to offering a guarantee that the manager of the data market is unable to violate the protection policy demanded by the data owners. As an advanced evolution of the scenario, the platform will also permit to benefit from the availability of a collection of providers to implement data storage and collaborative query management approaches, accounting for different trust and control of data exhibited by each provider.
  • WP5: Data sanitisation
    This work package is responsible for developing techniques for protecting personal/sensitive/confidential information in collaborative computations and/or data sharing/release/publication. The techniques developed in this WP, leveraging and extending approaches for data anonymisation and obfuscation, will produce sanitised versions of the underlying (structured or unstructured) data for the privacy-preserving use, sharing, and computation with other parties. The WP will identify privacy metrics and enable privacy assessment to better understand the privacy protection enjoyed by the sanitised data. It will also focus on utility assessment and metrics. The techniques will be designed for enabling their efficient implementation to ensure performance and therefore actual applicability of the tools that will be developed.
  • WP6: Dissemination, communication, and exploitation
    This work package coordinates and oversees the dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities within the project and organises collaboration with other research efforts addressing similar goals.
  • WP7: Project management
    This work package coordinates the project to ensure that all work packages are fully integrated and performed efficiently, so that the project completes successfully as scheduled, within budget, and meeting the stakeholders’ expectations; provides technical guidance to the project and coordinate the research, development, exploitation, and dissemination efforts of the Consortium; and serves as a focal point for interaction between the European Commission and the MOSAICrOWN Consortium for all the relevant matters.