Today, the creation and use of data markets is hampered by the lack of a trusted and secure platform where personal and/or company-confidential data can be securely stored, shared, and processed through privacy-aware analytics methods.
The realisation of efficient and scalable methods for ensuring the desired level of protection of personal data as well as company-confidential data is therefore crucial for ensuring that Europe will adequately respond to the digitalisation challenge of industry.

MOSAICrOWN aims to facilitate the emergence of digital data markets by designing a comprehensive framework where protection requirements can be easily expressed in a declarative way and then used to drive the application of techniques that enforce data protection while enabling efficient and scalable privacy-aware data analytics in multi-owner scenarios. The goal is to represent the requirements in the most extensive way, aiming to support with efficient techniques all the requirements that it is possible to manage.

This goal will be achieved by providing: i) a data governance framework able to capture and combine the protection requirements that can be possibly specified by multiple parties, who have a say over the data, to empower them with more control over such data; ii) effective and efficient protection techniques that can be integrated in current technologies and that enforce protection while enabling efficient and scalable data sharing and processing